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Pedder Bay Fishing Report (September 2)

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - September 2, 2014

Thinking about doing some fishing at Pedder Bay? Here's Wallace with our latest fishing report!

Springs, Coho and Sockeye: The last three days have been really good. All three species are showing well.  The best results tend to be late in the day, however, mornings are also producing.  The majority are found in 400+ feet of water and all are deep. Try 90-180 feet on the rigger for all three species.

What this tells me is two things: Both the water temperature and the fish are on the move.  I expect it is going to be thick and fast for around two-plus weeks.

*Exception: The biggest fish in the last couple weeks was a 27 lbs, caught late yesterday in Pedder Bay at 60 feet on the rigger.

Halibut:  We’ve had some excellent tides over last two days. The biggest fish brought back to the wharf was Vern Glenn's 54 pounder. 

Note: Coho regulations changed yesterday allowing for one non clipped. Halibut is now 2 per license.

Knot Tying Lesson (Video)

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - August 29, 2014

We held another successful seminar last weekend, hosted by legendary local angler Gary Cooper. A big thank you to everyone who stopped by. We hope you learned a few things to help you catch all those big fish that are out there!

If you missed the seminar you can still take advantage of some of Gary’s wisdom. Gary posted this awesome knot tying lesson after the seminar on Check it out and give it a try next time you’re out on the water!

Pedder Bay Lesson, Knot Tying

Want to get out on the water and try out some of your new skills? We have rental boats and fishing charters available! Call 250-478-1771 for more information.

Still Catching Fish Late in the Season!

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - August 27, 2014

Looking to get some fishing in before the season is over? Wallace is back with another fishing report to let you know where they’re catching all the fish at Pedder Bay!

Spring: We’ve seen some very good returns in the last four days, including some nice fish between 18 and 24 lbs. These fish were caught late in the day from Pedder Bay, Church Rock and Bedford Rocks. They were found 50-80 feet down on the rigger in 80-120 feet of water. It seems that the larger fish are hitting higher and the younger are hitting lower which is not abnormal at this time.

Tip: The best action has been late in the day and has been that way for a few weeks now.

Coho:  The majority of the Coho are being caught in 400’ of water all the way to the boarder. A fast troll with greenish lures or teasers seem to have the best results. Most of these fish are 4 to 6 lbs.

Sockeye:  To target these fish use a similar set-up to the Coho mentioned but with a very slow troll.  I suggest you vary your speeds or use a weaving pattern to change the speed and action of your gear for both Coho and Sockeye. 

It is my understanding from my contacts at DFO that a large number of Springs, Coho and Sockeye are holding up the Island.  I think if we get the showers this next week as forecasted it could help move them near Pedder Bay. I expect the next week and September to have great results.