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Pedder Bay Fishing Report (September 17)

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - September 17, 2014

Pictured above: Just and example of the large amounts of Coho we've seen at the Pedder Bay cleaning table this month.

Fishing has been great at Pedder Bay this month. Make sure to get out on the water and take advantage of this fantastic fishing before the season is over! Here’s Wallace with our latest fishing report:

Overall fishing has been very good this month, especially for Coho which are very abundant.

Coho:  There are currently lots out there.  Remember, you have to be in them to catch them, and you will know when you’ve hit the sweet spot.  If you are not getting hits after testing various depths try different locations until you find them.

I was out three times last week.  Everyone onboard limited out each time. What I and others have experienced is good action at 450+ depths of water at 80 to 120’ on the rigger. Further out in the shipping lanes the fish have tended to be larger with more clipped ones showing up.  Again, most action 90 to 140’ using a fast troll. Hoochies and spoons with assorted colours are working well on them.

Springs:  Several slabs have been caught at Pedder Bay, Church and Bedford Rocks. To catch these you’ll have to do more tactical fishing closer in.  Personally, I lost a big one in the hole just before the big kelp bed in Pedder Bay.  This was on a 7” plug with no flasher at 37’.  Most are coming in 60 to 80 feet. Several Springs have also been caught in the shipping lanes at 120’+ on a rigger while fishing for Coho. 

This tells me these fish are on the move.  After the upcoming rain I expect we will see more action on both areas this weekend.

Chum:    Expect to start seeing some Chum beginning next week or so, which should last until the end of October. They will be deep.  More tips on that next week when I see them.

Sockeye:  I have not seen too many Sockeye at the cleaning table this month.  However, there are some reports from friends you can find some mixed in with Coho at various nearby locations.

The Coho Have Arrived at Pedder Bay (Video)

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - September 11, 2014

As you may have heard, Coho fishing at Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina has been fantastic over the last few weeks. Peopl are reeling in fish left and right. Don't believe us? Check out the video below to hear about this couple's very success day of fishing at Pedder Bay!

The Coho have arrived

Want to get out on the water and take advantage of the great BC fishing happening at Pedder Bay? We have rental boats and fishing charters available! Call 250-478-1771 for more information.

A Tour Around Pedder Bay (Part 1)

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - September 9, 2014

Want to learn a little bit about Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina? Our friend Gary Cooper is producing a series of videos that will show you around the different areas of this beautiful resort. First up is today’s video on the main complex, which includes our coffee shop, gift shop and bait and tackle supplies. Enjoy!

Pedder bay Moment, More than just a coffee shop

Want to check out Pedder Bay RV Resort for yourself? We'd love to see you! Come by for a visit and learn about our various activities including boat rentals and fishing charters. See you soon!