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Pedder Bay Fishing Report (October 1)

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - October 1, 2014

Thinking about heading to Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina for some fall fishing? Then you're in luck! Coho, Spring and Chum salmon are all plentiful, with lots of fishing hitting our docks recently. Here Wallace with our latest fishing report:

Overall, fishing has been excellent. Interestingly the salmon have remained deep for the most part from Pedder Bay to Church. Your best bet is to fish in 450’ to 600’ of water for both Coho and good sized mature Springs. Chum have also shown up and you should start to find them at these depths as well.

I should mention that there has been some very good tactical fishing in Pedder Bay, Christopher and Church – as well as Bedfords early and late in the day.

Coho: There is an abundance out there, but as anglers know they stay together. So, you are either in them or not.  Test where you are through changing your depth of line, or changing your pattern. If this doesn’t work try moving to a different spot. The thing is, you could motor right over where they are and move to where they are not, so if you stick with the depth range I suggest you troll to move.

If you’re targeting Coho recommend using small to medium spoons, hoochies and bait. They’re all producing well.  Greenish and Purple haze seem to work best. My best success so far, as previously mentioned, was with a white with green #6 Lucky Louie plug.

Springs: They’re still showing up with the Coho and can be caught on the same gear. There have been several caught in the last week in the twenties.

Chum: They have started to show up. The biggest one caught on Saturday was 16 lbs, reeled in by Pedder Bay regular Jim Parry (pictured above). His was caught on a ‘Frog Hoochy’ that would be green with dark bands at 80’ feet in 450’ feet of water outside of Church – Bedfords.  These fish put up a hell of a battle and are usually caught between 80’ and 150’.

Your best bet to catch Chum is to use either a Hoochy or a pink to purple spoon in this area.  They will max out in mid-October and continue until late in the month. Slow troll on these ones.  The Biggest one I’ve ever saw at Pedder Bay was a 26 pounder 10 year ago, but they’ve been known to grow as large as 30 lbs.

Stop by and say hi for the latest information at Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina, and good luck out there!


Pedder Bay Fishing Report (Sept. 26)

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - September 27, 2014

Thinking about doing some fishing at Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina? There’s no better time than the present! This weekend should be good for fishing. Here’s Wallace with a quick update.

Fishing has been good, with lots of Coho and Springs showing up. If you fish in 450’ to 550’ of water at 90’ to 150' on the rigger you should do well.

The weekend looks good for weather, so I encourage you to join us.  I am going back out after my shift on Saturday. Me and my friend Robert Briggs found success just a couple days ago.  In only about in an hour we had four Coho in the boat (2 hatchery and 2 wild) just outside of Whirl Bay. My Son in Law Tyler did even better yesterday. He limited out on Coho, all between 8 to 10 lbs. and caught a nice Spring.

Bob and I used bait and it worked well, but the two biggest fish came in on a # 6 Lucky Lowie Plug and Purple Haze Hoochey. Don’t waste your fuel on going further West. These fish are on the move inland.

Fast troll gang.  If you’re in them you will know. If not, move!


A Tour Around Pedder Bay (Part 2)

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - September 24, 2014

Want to learn a little bit about Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina? Our friend Gary Cooper is producing a series of videos that will show you around the different areas of this beautiful resort. In today’s video Gary shows us around the marina docks, showing you the variety of features and amenities we offer out moorage customers.

The Docks

Want to check out Pedder Bay RV Resort for yourself? We'd love to see you! Come by for a visit and learn about our various activities including boat rentals and fishing charters. See you soon!