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Still Catching Fish Late in the Season!

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - August 27, 2014

Looking to get some fishing in before the season is over? Wallace is back with another fishing report to let you know where they’re catching all the fish at Pedder Bay!

Spring: We’ve seen some very good returns in the last four days, including some nice fish between 18 and 24 lbs. These fish were caught late in the day from Pedder Bay, Church Rock and Bedford Rocks. They were found 50-80 feet down on the rigger in 80-120 feet of water. It seems that the larger fish are hitting higher and the younger are hitting lower which is not abnormal at this time.

Tip: The best action has been late in the day and has been that way for a few weeks now.

Coho:  The majority of the Coho are being caught in 400’ of water all the way to the boarder. A fast troll with greenish lures or teasers seem to have the best results. Most of these fish are 4 to 6 lbs.

Sockeye:  To target these fish use a similar set-up to the Coho mentioned but with a very slow troll.  I suggest you vary your speeds or use a weaving pattern to change the speed and action of your gear for both Coho and Sockeye. 

It is my understanding from my contacts at DFO that a large number of Springs, Coho and Sockeye are holding up the Island.  I think if we get the showers this next week as forecasted it could help move them near Pedder Bay. I expect the next week and September to have great results.


2014 Alpine Bite-Me Derby Results

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - August 21, 2014

Last weekend Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina hosted the Alpine Bite-Me Derby. 400 anglers participated in the event and vied for the top price of $10,000, generously donated by the Alpine Group. Lots of nice fish were caught and everyone had a great time. The derby came right down to the wire, with two fish tied for the lead at 25.1 pounds. However, Andy Budgell weighed in first and thus was declared the winner.

Here are the results from the 2014 Alpine Bite-Me Derby:

Andy Budgell - 25.1 lbs
David Chung - 25.1 lbs
Ted Dawes - 24.2 lbs
Maiko Furtado - 24.1 lbs
Mike Paltinger - 23.5 lbs
Alex Barber - 23.1 lbs
Shilo Matte - 22.4 lbs
Jason Owens - 22.1 lbs
Jim Haden - 21.8 lbs
Kevin Maclean - 21.8 lbs
Rhonda Gibson - 21.7 lbs
Christina Parsons - 21.5 lbs
Brian Robertson - 20.1 lbs
Lorenzo Fardella - 20 lbs
Steve Bemister - 19.8 lbs
Jason Owens - 19.5 lbs
Gilles DeRepentigny - 19.5 lbs
Bob Gicas - 19.1 lbs
Fred Barber - 19.1 lbs
Forrest Owens - 18.8 lbs

Want to see some of the action from the derby? Check out this video shot by Gary Cooper from

Pedder Bay event, Bite me 2014

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the derby. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!

2 Nice Salmon Caught at Pedder Bay

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina - August 18, 2014

We've got another great fishing story from Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina! This angler had some tough luck early on but stuck with it. So what happened right before he was ready to call it quits? Watch the video to find out!

Turned into a great day

Want to get out on the water and take advantage of the great BC fishing happening at Pedder Bay? We have rental boats and fishing charters available! Call 250-478-1771 for more information.